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Visa Information

Our Immigration Office has successfully handled hundreds of Immigrant Visa cases (green Card) for clients in all 50 states. Our office is committed to ensuring the successful outcome of all cases and we are proud that we have achieved a 100% success rate for our Immigrant Visa clients. We guide our clients' cases through the National Visa Center and onto the appropriate embassy. We are familiar with the individual protocols and procedures at every major American Embassy in the world. We insure that all cases proceed smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Foreign-born nurses. Along with older RNs, employment of foreign-born RNs continues to expand. Even if only half of these foreign-born RNs immigrated to the United States in the past few years, their growth (66,000 since 2001) dwarfs the usual yearly immigration of 3,000–4,000 RNs during previous shortages. As the demand for RNs continues to grow and the RN workforce in the United States ages and eventually shrinks in size, hospitals and other providers will increasingly rely on foreign-educated RNs. Because the United States is one of the countries dominating the global nurse labor market, U.S. policymakers can anticipate facing vexing political, ethical, economic, and regulatory issues, in addition to questions about the technical and cultural competence of foreign nurses.

In recent years the U.S. media have been reporting a shortage of registered nurses (RNs). In theory, labor-market shortages are self-correcting; wage increases will bring labor markets into equilibrium, and policy intervention is not necessary. In this paper we develop a simple forecasting model and ask the question: How high must RN wages rise in the future to end the RN shortage? We find that inflation-adjusted wages must increase 3.2–3.8 percent per year between 2002 and 2016, with wages cumulatively rising up to 69 percent, to end the shortage. Total RN expenditures would more than double by 2016.

Eligibility Requirements

Requirements for foreign nurse sponsorship

The following are the documents that needs to be prepared by RN applicant's outside the US:

1. Notification for Successful completion of the NCLEX-RN Exam

2. Visa Screen Certificate (if available)
3. Foreign Diploma (BSN) 
4. Previous employment certifications (if any)
5. Seminars attended (if any)
6. Resume
7. Birth Certificate
8. Marriage certificate (if applicable)
9. Biographic page of passport

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