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   After all, it's about taking it to the next level; One Step Above The Rest. Where do you want to be?

Our company was created by entrepreneur with a passion to resolve the critical nursing shortage. The company was founded with the idea that quality supercedes quantity. Building long-term relationships is one of our most important driving forces.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality personalized service that exceeds all other standards. We recognize that long-term success is about much more than just talent and hard work.

Our Vision is to combine hard work, creativity, and pleasurable environment to establish the solid and professional relationships we build with our clients.

Our Success is best defined as knowing we made a difference in the quality of healthcare for patients in need.

Hiring Nurse Group is a U.S. Corporation based in LA County, California. It is the latest innovation in human resource solutions from the former Chief Executive Officer of Deltec Total Solutions, Incorporated. Since 1996, DTS Inc. has been a pioneer and a leader in providing qualified professionals to various industries. Beginning with information technology experts, and now to healthcare professionals. We offer a commitment to build long-term professional relationships with all types of healthcare facilities.

The healthcare today is much more complicated. Thirty states were estimated to have shortages of registered nurses (RNs) in the year 2000. The shortage is projected to intensify over the next two decades with 44 states plus the District of Columbia expected to have RN shortages by the year 2020. Multiple factors of demand, supply, and the aging workforce have contributed to the problem of insufficient numbers of nurses available to care for the rising needs of the American public. Although the actual supply of nurses has continued to grow; it has not kept up with the significant increase in demand for nurses.

The consequences of the shortage of nurses are also grave for current and prospective healthcare professionals who are unable to find positions, or employers who best meet their needs. Hiring Nurse Group provides you with extensive options, benefits, competitive salary, and comprehensive services to represent you and your skills to the best employer. We have grown to become the recognized leader by providing unparalleled service to our hospital clients

Hiring Nurse Group is proud to provide a team of experienced and dedicated staffing professionals who have managed the placement of thousands of Allied Healthcare Professionals for many years.

At Hiring Nurse Group, we provide the right person for the right job. We evaluate your needs and recruit or train qualified personnel to insure that neither the quality of your work nor the performance of your operations is jeopardized. That is why The Hiring Nurse Group is the premiere human resource solution provider in the industry today. 

 Employment Administration

The Right Focus

Recruitment Relief

There are spiraling numbers of government regulations, mounting piles of paperwork and recruitment-related obligations to contend with when you own a business. However, when you enter into a co-employment agreement with Hiring Nurse Group, you’re able to transfer almost all employer liabilities and gain the control over your business that you’ve been lacking.

When you’re freed from Recruiting issues and details, you gain the freedom and the time to focus on the business aspects that are important to you.

Since 1997 HNG knows what and how in Registered Nurse Recruitment and over thousands placements across different states. Allowing HNG to handle much of your employment administration means you can spend your time on the right focus for your company's profitability, while HNG handles:

      For Employer:                                                                   For Employee:

  • Marketing
  • Pre-Selection
  • Recruitment
  • Visa process
  • Immigration Process
  • Employment Verification
  • Licensing Verification
  • Tracking Systems
  • Time and Attendance Systems
  • All Immigration Cost 
  • All Attorney Cost
  • All INS fees 
  • Sign On Bonus 
  • Full benefits
  • Weekly payroll 
  • Free Consultation 
  • Free immigration Fee 
  • Free First Month Housing
  • With certain limited exceptions detailed see immigration section please, petitioning for a foreign-born Registered Nurse (RN) to work in the United States involves sponsoring for permanent residence.

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